Conan the Warlord by Leonard Carpenter

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Conan the Warlord by Leonard Carpenter

pastiche of Conan by Leonard Carpenter

In the ancient land of Nemedia, Conan of Cimmeria agrees to impersonate Baron Eihnarson’s son and heir in order to escape a foul prison cell–at least until he can escape completely, with a pouch full of gold. Calissa, the Baron’s sensuous daughter, has other plans for Conan, as does Evadne, the voluptuous rebel maiden. Palace intrigues swirl–poison in the cup and the assassin’s dagger in the dark–and Conan must lead the army of Diander against the Cult of the Snake, the demon which burns and slays all whom it does not concert to half-serpent slaves of an ancient evil. In mouldering tombs the dead Lords of Einharson stir, and rise to strike down any who would threaten their line.