The Skald’s Black Verse: A Grimdark Scifi Fantasy (The Dreadbound Ode Trilogy)

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The Skald's Black Verse: A Grimdark Scifi Fantasy (The Dreadbound Ode Trilogy)

Brohr needs out of his village before they put a noose around his neck.

Wanted for the bizarre and brutal murder of an occupying soldier, the true culprit is too horrifying to comprehend.

Hunted by invaders from another world, Brohr wrestles to uncover the truth of his brother’s death, and to spur his downtrodden kinsmen in a desperate revolt against an empire that spans the heavens.

But a fallen god lurks in the shadows, intent upon a rebellion of its own.

Above Brohr’s head, looms a dire omen, one that spells the end of his homeworld. Will he turn to the shadows for strength? How can one scorned half-breed, an outcast, a berserker, stand against an empire, against a god, against the very sky falling?