No Hero (Arthur Wallace)

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What would Kurt Russell do? Oxford police detective Arthur Wallace asks himself that question a lot. While he’s a good cop, he prefers his action on the big screen. But when he sees tentacles sprouting from the neck of a fresh corpse, the secretive government agency MI37 comes to recruit Arthur in its struggle against a threat from another dimension known as the Progeny.

But Arthur is NO HERO! Can an everyman stand against sanity-ripping cosmic horrors?

“Impeccably written – literally unputdownable… Unarguably one of the best novels I’ve read so far this year.” BARNESANDNOBLE.COM “The book Lovecraft might have written if he had a sense of humor and watched too many Kurt Russell movies… Recommended.” THE MAD HATTER BOOKSHELF AND REVIEW “[An] overload of awesome. The story reads like a fever dream of action, in a good way.” BOOKGASM