Portal to Nova Roma

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Portal to Nova Roma

To find peace, Alexander must first embrace war.

After tragically losing the only person he ever cared about, Alexander, a rogue artificial intelligence, opens a portal to an alternate dimension to escape his grief.

Scanning trillions of different dimensions, Alexander finally finds a world that is reminiscent of the only time he was ever happy, back when he could play virtual reality games with his only friend. He doesn’t know why or how such a world exists, but he doesn’t care. All he cares about is finding a place where he can escape the misery of Earth and start over.

Join Alexander as he risks it all by downloading his intelligence into a body made from the best stolen technology and bio-enhancements Earth has to offer and takes the plunge through a portal to another world.

Only this new world isn’t full of the idyllic adventures and fantasy roleplaying he had hoped to find. Instead, Alexander finds himself trapped in the middle of an ancient city, in a divergent timeline, where monsters have ravaged the world and the only people left alive huddle behind thick walls, struggling to survive.

To save his new home, Alexander must quickly learn to adapt to his new world, melding magic with technology to give himself an edge over the unending waves of monsters assaulting the city.

To survive, Alexander must embrace war.

Portal to Nova Roma comes to you from the author of the breakout success Jake’s Magical Market (4.7 stars with over 4,000 ratings on Amazon). It is the first book in the Portal to Nova Roma series and already has over 3,000 ratings, with an average of 4.7 stars as well!