The Eighth Continent: A Hard Science Fiction Thriller

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The Eighth Continent: A Hard Science Fiction Thriller

“This stellar near-future tale masterfully fuses SF thrills with an enthralling mystery.”—Kirkus Reviews

A lowly construction worker on the Moon is Earth’s only chance…

Nick Morrison’s dream was to reach for the stars, but he never imagined that his destiny would lead him to the desolate lunar surface. Recruited by a daring startup to construct a lunar launch system at the Moon’s icy south pole, Nick abandons his troubled Earthly life for a chance at something greater.

Little does he know that the company teeters on the brink of financial and legal collapse, stranding Nick and his team in the unforgiving lunar wilderness.

Isolated and unsupported from Earth, Nick’s team faces an uphill battle for survival. As if that weren’t enough, a ruthless contractor at another lunar base harbors grand designs for both the Moon and Earth, and Nick’s team stands squarely in their path.

Now, they must band together to thwart the impending conquest of two worlds in this riveting science fiction survival thriller. Nebula Award-Nominated author Rhett C. Bruno and New York Times bestselling author Felix R. Savage deliver an epic tale perfect for fans of “The Martian,” “Artemis,” and “For All Mankind.”

Join Nick and his team in a heart-pounding adventure across the lunar landscape, where the fate of humanity hangs in the balance and the eighth continent becomes the battleground for an unforgettable struggle.