Citadel of Seven Swords (Skarde: The Wandering Sword Book 1)

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Citadel of Seven Swords (Skarde: The Wandering Sword Book 1)

Sword Swinging Thrills!

Skarde desires only to be free, yet his mighty sword arm, quick thinking, and daring seem only to keep him one step ahead… of the grave!

Trapped on a savage volcanic island, Skarde clashes with an antediluvian wizard, an army of warrior-cultists, and a hidden monstrosity just to live another day. Along the way he finds unexpected friends, mysteries, a curse, and enemies both bold and shadowy.

Skarde, brash mercenary from the far North, travels the boundless world to sate his wanderlust and his desire for coin. Discover the unknown, the dangerous and the wondrous in this first volume of Skarde’s adventures.