Path of the Necromancer (A Gamelit / LitRPG Series)

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Path of the Necromancer (A Gamelit / LitRPG Series)

Just another overpowered necromancer, fresh out of the academy.

Jakub just graduated from the academy as a necromancer – a powerful mage who raises things from the dead. His instructors doubt he has what he takes to become overpowered, but he vows to prove them wrong.

On his first real assignment, everything goes wrong. Cut off from the protection of the academy and trapped in a hostile land, he’ll have to improvise to survive. Luckily, he lives in an RPG-like world, where his skills and magic are measured in numbers.

To survive, he needs to level up, learn new spells, and use them in creative ways. But can he succeed when he finds himself pitted against a hostile clan of mages, murderous monsters, and a rogue necromancer villain?

Some people say necromancers are overpowered. Well…his life depends on it.

With LitRPG/Gamelit/ western cultivation themes, The Necromancer series are 3 fun books about an academy necromancer trying to become overpowered while making sure he doesn’t go too far and slip into the underworld