Intrusion Protocol (Autonomous Weapons Division Book 1)

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Intrusion Protocol (Autonomous Weapons Division Book 1)
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A soldier with a grudge. An illegal AI with no limits. Can they confront their darkest fears to defeat an alien nemesis that threatens humanity’s fragile existence?

Technical Specialist Kerry Sevvers is the best the Division has to offer. Haunted by the loss of his mother, he commands drone swarms with only his thoughts thanks to an experimental neural implant and a cluster of lethal AI.

Among those AI, one stands apart—a creation whose very existence defies Division rules. Codenamed Six, it represents the pinnacle of Sev’s defiance and ingenuity. With no mandatory safeguards, Six is as brilliant as it is dangerous, making it his most powerful and unpredictable ally in their fight for survival.

A high-risk mission to rescue a deep cover Colonial Intelligence operative puts their skills to the test. When the op runs afoul of a long-dormant threat, it falls to Sev, his AI, and a fireteam of Marines to confront an enemy that threatens to unravel the very fabric of the Three Colonies.

Failure means the extinction of humanity itself. They must overcome rogue AI, hostile aliens, and their own divisions to defeat the resurgent evil beyond the colonial frontier.

Readers who enjoyed the exploits of AI drones in Daniel Suarez’s Kill Decision and the claustrophobic corridors of James S.A. Corey’s Leviathan Wakes will be riveted by the combination of the two presented here. The constant dread as ancient evil stirs will make it impossible to put down.

Coders, Marines, and Intel operatives report for duty! Battle relentless aliens, corrupted machine minds, and humanity’s dark past by downloading this heart-pounding military sci-fi thriller today!