Conan: Sword of Skelos

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Conan: Sword of Skelos

With the beautiful and fierce Isparana at his side, Conan must cross a brutal and deadly desert in order to deliver their precious cargo-a magical amulet known as the Eye of Erlik. But rather than collecting untold riches for their rare treasure, they are betrayed by a ruthless tyrant and his evil mage.

Conan has faced many mortal dangers, perils of magic and perils of steel. But when the treacherous prestidigitator unleashes the bloodthirsty Sword of Skelos, a weapon of both magic and steel-a sword that can fight on its own-Conan faces one of his most dire challenges.

How will Conan survive this battle, when there is no foe to slay?

Messenger of Zhuvastou

In a future where the people of Earth have managed to somewhat unite under hegemonic governments, the universe has at last been explored and discovered.

Earth-born playboy Moris Keniston arrives in customs, wanting to go surface-side of the mysterious and hostile planet Sovold. Galactic rules dictate that he may not disturb the burgeoning culture, and therefore undergoes a physical transformation to match the one of the peoples on the planet.

With shaved head and skin dyed beige, he dons the green tunic of a Messenger of Zhuvastou, known as Zhogs – a knight to the people of this world – giving him almost free reign to pursue his mission.

He is hunting the beautiful Elaine Dixon, who has fled to this primitive planet for reasons unknown.

Though Keniston is the son of a Galactic Senator, an athlete of interplanetary reknown, and survivor of a historic starship disaster, he finds himself wholly unprepared for life on Sovold.

Only his athlete’s reflexes and history of fencing save him at first. However, in his quest to pursue Elaine, he meets companions that help him grow into the man he is meant to be – and finds his true purpose along the way.

Messenger of Zhuvastou is a roaring adventure in new cultures and brotherly bonding that is sure to satisfy any sci-fi enthusiast.

Praise for Andrew J Offutt:

“Great entertainment of epic scope” – Poul Anderson

“One of the major players from the sword and sorcery boom from the 70s” – Adventures Fantastic

“Offers a new dimension in heroic fantasy.” – Jerry Pournelle

Chieftain of Andor

Robert Cleve does not belong. On Earth, he is out of his depth – a semi-barbarian, an atavist in the modern world.

But one day, he answers an ad that will change his life forever.

He is offered an opportunity to live in another man’s body – on another planet, many parsecs away. A man with no ties, decisive mind, and sound body, Cleve is selected to take over the body of warrior chief Doralan Andrah, who is pivotal on his world of Andor, but whose mind is dying.

Cleve’s adjustment to the semi-primitive world is hard and fast – just how Cleve thrives.

He quickly adapts to the new body and skills, learning to become the warrior he knew he always could be.

But his memories of Earth and our treatment of sorcery leaves him vulnerable in a way he never anticipated.

Soon, he finds himself surrounded by a cloud of confusion, assaulted from all sides by unfamiliar and unalloyed powers.

His odyssey begins into the deepest depths of Andor, but he is woefully underprepared for the nameless terrors that await him…
Chieftain of Andor is a gripping sci fi/fantasy adventure, as one man finds himself beset from all sides in a world that is not his own. Will he thrive, or will Andor claim him as its prize?

Praise for Andrew J Offutt:

“Great entertainment of epic scope” – Poul Anderson

“One of the major players from the sword and sorcery boom from the 70s” – Adventures Fantastic

“Offers a new dimension in heroic fantasy.” – Jerry Pournelle

The Sign of the Moonbow (A Cormac mac Art Fantasy)

The Sign of the Moonbow (A Cormac mac Art Fantasy)

Cormac mac Art is a character created by Robert E.Howard, a viking contemporary of king Arthur. He wrote 4 short stories featuring him but they were rejected by the magazines and rediscovered later by Richard L. Tierney who finished and published them.

Unfortunately they’re not on amazon however starting in 1975 Andrew Jefferson Offut wrote 6 novels featuring Cormac mac Art all available on amazon.

This one is the tird and the only available on kindle

A world shrouded in darkness…

For the first time in ebook, here is Andrew J Offutt’s iteration of Robert E. Howard’s character Cormac mac Art, the headstrong Irish Viking who roved and adventured during the time of King Arthur.

Having travelled far and wide, Cormac mac Art and Wulfhere Hausakluifr have finally imprisoned the undying sorcerer, Thulsa Doom. The two heroes suspend him from the mast the ship, finding it is the only way in which he cannot use his magic; but still, he lives.

Bas the Druid soon unveils a prophecy that may change that. They must find a crowned woman and place in her hands the skull of the undying wizard, if the mysterious curse is to be lifted.

All seems well as they set out to find this prophesied woman. But disaster strikes as the evil wizard, unable to escape his fate, vanishes into another dimension – taking the ship and his captors with him…

Thieves’ World

Game of Thrones has come to an end. . . . [Here’s] a fantasy series to fill the void. . . . You’ll be pulled into political intrigues, watch new gods replace old, and witness fortunes rise and fall and rise again.” — Book Riot

Experience “a bold and daring experiment in fantasy storytelling” with the first three books in the bestselling Thieves’ World® series (Fantasy-Faction).

Created by the New York Times–bestselling author of the Myth series, as well as the Phule’s Company series, Thieves’ World® brings together classic fantasy’s finest authors to flesh out the shared world with their own unforgettable characters and epic worldbuilding.

The first three books include stories by Lynn Abbey, Poul Anderson, Robert Lynn Asprin, Marion Zimmer Bradley, C. J. Cherryh, David Drake, Philip José Farmer, Joe Haldeman, Janet Morris, Andrew J. Offutt, and others. They introduce you to the nefarious citizens of the city of Sanctuary, including One-Thumb, the proprietor of the Vulgar Unicorn tavern; Regli, a nobleman; Illyra, the seer; Hanes, the thief; Jubal, the crime lord; and Tempus Thales, the immortal mercenary.

in the same universe : Sanctuary: An Epic Novel of Thieves’ World

“Sanctuary was the city where anything could happen, where characters created by some of the best fantasy writers of the generation crossed paths and shared adventures.” —Black Gate