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Kagen the Damned: A Novel (Kagen the Damned, 1)

Kagen the Damned marks the first installment of an exciting new series of dark epic fantasy novels from bestselling author Jonathan Maberry. Sworn by Oath Kagen Vale is the trusted and feared captain of the palace guard, charged with protection Read more

The Musketeers vs. Cthulhu in the Court of King Louis

En Garde! 17th-century France: A place of heroes, villains... and abominations. Strange things are lurking in the shadows and catacombs of Paris. The forests around the City Of Light teem with strange creatures and furtive cultists. A once pious nation Read more

What is the purpose of your existence?

For eons, the ancient and powerful Meta-Warriors have betrayed, despoiled, and slain each other in a relentless pursuit of total mutual destruction.

When BleakWarrior suddenly grows tired of the senseless killings, he begins a new mission to discover the truth of his condition.

Of who and what he is. Why he exists….

Descend into a world of dark metaphysics, ultra-violence, senseless mayhem, and transgressive sex with a simultaneously brutal and brilliant fantasy novel unlike any other.

“Transgressive and hard-edged” – Jeff VanderMeer, Nebula award winning author of the Southern Reach trilogy

“Flabbergasting Black Metal New Weird” – Edward Morris, author of the Blackguard series