Mortal Descent: Book One of the Arkae Chronicles

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Mortal Descent: Book One of the Arkae Chronicles

Fire beats against the cold and the dark, but all lights eventually fade…


Spanning across blackened war-torn country, vast oceans, and into the dark heart of sacred groves, Mortal Descent recounts tales of triumph, tragedy, war, and family within the grim world of Arkae. Here, a vengeful Reptile queen unites her people and calls the wrath of dragons down upon an invasive nation; a soldier has died so many times he doesn’t even know his own name but remembers what it means to be Human; and an Orc king seeks a peaceful death in a far-away land of summer, which is easier said than done for the children of winter.

Throughout the ages, legends leave their mark on Arkae, a half-frozen and unimaginably ancient world. Great figures rise and fall, empires collapse, and entire civilizations can be wiped out in the blink of history’s eye. But in this anthology of forgotten fantastical archives, even myths are doomed to die.

  • Three Short Stories by A. C. Pritchard
  • A Bonus Epic Poem by A. C. Pritchard