Wolfshead, And Other Stories:17 Short Stories by Robert E. Howard

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Wolfshead, And Other Stories is the original short stories about stories of A De Montour story And Other Stories written by Robert E. Howard in 1922-1936. In this book contains 17 stories of A De Montour story, An Ace Jessel story, Thrilling Mystery, A Faring Town story, and more from Weird Tales magazine:

1.Wolfshead, First published in Weird Tales, April 1926. A De Montour story.
2.Apparition in the Prize Ring, First published in Ghost Stories, April 1929. Alternative title: The Spirit of Tom Molyneaux. An Ace Jessel story.
3.The Children of the Night, First published in the pulp magazine Weird Tales in the April/May 1931 issue.
4.The Haunter of the Ring, First published in Weird Tales, June 1934.
5.The Fire of Asshurbanipal, First published in the December 1936 issue of Weird Tales.
6.The Thing On the Roof, First published in the February 1932 issue of Weird Tales.
7.In the Forest of Villefére, First published in Weird Tales, August 1925. A De Montour story.
8.”Golden Hope” Christmas, First published in The Tattler, the Brownwood High School paper, December 1922.
9.Sea Curse, First published in Weird Tales, May 1928. A Faring Town story.
10.Black Talons, First published in Strange Detective Stories, December 1933. Alternative title: Talons in the Dark.
11.Black Wind Blowing, First published in Thrilling Mystery, June 1936.
12.Moon of Zambebwei, First published in Weird Tales, February 1935. Alternative title: The Grisly Horror.
13.The Vultures of Whapeton, First published in Smashing Novels Magazine, December 1936. Alternativee titles: The Vultures, The Vultures of Wahpeton, The Vultures of Teton Gulch.
14.The Horror from the Mound, First published in Weird Tales, 1932.
15.Boot Hill Payoff, First published in Western Aces, October 1935. Alternative title: The Last Ride.
16.Skull-Face, First published in Weird Tales, October-December 1929.
17.Sleeping Beauty, First published in The Yellow Jacket, October 27, 1926.

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