Way of the Wizard by Michael Michel

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Way of the Wizard by Michael Michel

Even gods have their beginnings.

Mine starts in the chasm between worlds. In the blink of eternity between life and death.

If you wish to follow, let this be your road.

First, join your brethren–those others who seek the Power. They are your allies and the key to your success. They will almost certainly try to kill you.

Second, slay a wizard and claim their topknot. Be smart, be quick, and never hesitate. They’re the most dangerous creatures alive. If destiny does not favor you, your bones will be added to the piles beneath their feet.

Third, acquire the hidden location of the Spirit Gardens. Secrets are worth more than kingdoms. Protect them at all costs or your enemies will win, and you will die.

But above all, never look back. Godhood is the goal.

If you have the courage and ambition to do so, read on.

Your path to power awaits.

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