Warrior Prince: (The Last Viking Series Book 1)

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Warrior Prince: (The Last Viking Series Book 1)

Prince. Mercenary. Exile.

The lost throne of Norway must be won in foreign lands.

1030 AD

Some men are gifted a crown. Others have to fight to claim it.

Exiled from Norway, Harald Sigurdsson, brother to murdered King Olaf, must battle mercilessly for survival in the lands of the Kievan Rus.

His brother’s legacy gifts him a warband of hardened warriors and entry to the court of Prince Yaroslav the Wise. By his wits, sword and skill in battle, Harald must learn not just to survive but to triumph.

He fights for glory, for fame, and to regain his family’s battle-stolen throne. But his greatest challenge may not come from battlefield foes but from those who stand by his side.

The first instalment in a remarkable story of an exiled boy’s incredible journey to become Harald Hardrada; The Hard Ruler and The Last Viking.

Perfect for fans of Matthew Harffy, Peter Gibbons, Bernard Cornwell and Christian Cameron

Praise for JC Duncan

‘Harald Hardrada as you’ve never seen him before! A fantastic story written by a fantastic author’ – Donovan Cook

‘Immersive and impeccably researched, JC Duncan brings Harald Hardrada’s epic journey to life with gripping authenticity.’ – Richard Cullen

‘A fresh, vibrant take on perhaps that most Viking of all Vikings, Harald Hardrada. Bloody, epic and full of detail, Duncan paints a vivid picture of Harald’s early life, as he battles his way into legend.’ – Matthew Harffy

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