Violence & Vigilance: Turesia Untamed Book 1

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Violence & Vigilance: Turesia Untamed Book 1
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“A gritty fantasy adventure told with dark, wry wit”

“If you liked the First Law, let me present your new obsession”

“Beautifully descriptive and often poetic”

“A great character-driven story”

“Amazingly written”

“I am a huge Wheel of Time and Cosmere fan and this hit all the right notes for me”

“Magnificent beasts, fantastical locations, and unique weapons”

“An absolutely underrated masterpiece of epic grimdark”


Violence & Vigilance is book one of Turesia Untamed, an epic fantasy series featuring an eternal vendetta, scars of grief and loss, untethered rage, and hope against all odds.

Irdessa the Undying, a renowned arena fighter in Fohrvylda, has escaped imprisonment but at great cost. Broken and alone, she must outwit and outfight her pursuers.

Basalt Kale, a failed Consonant monk of the lowest order, embarks on a quest to improve Ausgan but discovers vile secrets of his order that he cannot abide.

The heathens of Fohrvylda amass ships and beasts of war to sail the Faithless Sea and assault the monks of Ausgan, who will greet the steel-bearing invaders with elemental destruction.

Violence & Vigilance is a story of survival with dark humor, exotic settings, savage beasts, and damaged characters. If you enjoy the grittiness of Joe Abercrombie’s First Law or the urgency of Pierce Brown’s Red Rising, you’ll love Violence & Vigilance.

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