Victorian Vampire Trilogy 1: A Morbid Initiation (Vampire the macarade novels)

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Victorian Vampire Trilogy 1: A Morbid Initiation (Vampire the macarade novels)
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A Gilded Age, A Gaslit Horror Regina Blake believes her mother to be the victim of morder and conspiracy. Forgoing caution and propriety, whe tries to uncover the truth and bring the culprits to justice. With every step, however, she uncovers more and more evidence of a secret world of danger, sensuality and sin. With the beautiful Vicotria Ash as her guide, she peels back layer after layer of this benighted world, until the true…

This one is special but there’s not that much good vampire book set in victorian age strangely

It’s set in VTM world of darkness universe but if i remember correctly you can read it without prior knowledge of the rpg

Its hard to find however  so for once no amazon links, you can find the first here the second here and the third here .

Young regina is gradually initiated into the world of darkness

Warning! : despite the description this is not a chicklit/bit-lit novel i dont remember if this go much into the darker aspects of the mascarade world but this universe can be quite f***ed up

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