Valentia: (Victorinus Book 1)

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Valentia: (Victorinus Book 1)

The first book in a thrilling new series of adventures set in Roman Britain. Perfect for fans of Simon Scarrow, Ben Kane, SJA Turney and Gordon Doherty.

Meet Tribune Sixtus Victorinus. Drunken soldier. Absent father. Unlikely hero.

Wall of Hadrian, Britannia, AD 367

It’s just another day, until it isn’t. Tribune Sixtus Victorinus is scouting north of the Wall when he first sees the smoke. Little does he know it’s about to change his life forever. Riding south he finds a province in chaos, the local populace in flight, the soldiers absent.

For rebellion is in the air at the far reaches of empire. The land is ablaze, overrun with barbarians, ‘Valentia’, is the word on everyone’s lips. And no one seems to have the first clue what to do about it.

And so Victorinus must act. He has let his life run to ruin, drunk his youth away. Now he must forge himself into the soldier he always wanted to be, the hero his children think he is.

Because his family are among the missing, and traitors lurk much closer than he could ever believe.

To save his family, he must first save an empire.

Praise for Adam Lofthouse and Valentia:

“Flawed characters seeking redemption. Honour, courage, sacrifice, bloody battles and deadly betrayals, Valentia has it all. Adam Lofthouse goes from strength to strength and this novel is up there with the best in the genre.” – Matthew Harffy

“Lofthouse takes one of the most shadowy and intriguing events in Roman history and turns it into a rampantly-paced, intense adventure. Simply masterful.” – Gordon Doherty

“The author delivers a lesson in how to depict a frontier world at the edge of a crumbling empire and how to populate it with believable and very likeable characters.” – Mark Knowles

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