Thongor serie bye Lin Carter

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Thongor serie bye Lin Carter

Thongor of Valkarth — mightiest warrior of the ancient continent of Lemuria, before the dawn of history — launches into his saga with this rousing adventure of swordplay and sorcery. The ancient dragon kings have deemed the hour right to regain their dominance over Earth — and only Thongor and his companions, aided by the science and magic of the wizard Sharajsha, stand between mankind and the night of doom!

The first of the Thongor sword & sorcery series, “Thongor and the Wizard of Lemuria” was originally titled “The Wizard of Lemuria.” This is the author’s 1969 revised and expanded text.

There is 6 short book in this serie following Lin Carter conan inspired hero,only the 3 first are on kindle but the 3 other paperback versioncost about 4$ each :

first here

second here

third here

forth here

fifth here

sixth here

also available are the collected short stories about thongor youth here

and a newly released novel by another author here

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