The Tigers of Malaysia by Emilio Salgari

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The Tigers of Malaysia by Emilio Salgari
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Would you be the greatest pirate in the South China Sea or would you hang up your sword to be with the woman you love?

Malaysia, 1849. The Tigers of Mompracem are a band of rebel pirates fighting for the defense of tiny native kingdoms against the colonial powers of the Dutch and British empires. They are led by Sandokan, the indomitable “Tiger of Malaysia”, and his faithful friend Yanez de Gomera, a Portuguese wanderer and adventurer. Orphaned when the British murdered his family and stole his throne, Sandokan has been mercilessly leading his men in vengeance. But when the pirate learns of the extraordinary”Pearl of Labuan” his fortunes begin to change…

11 novels have been written but only the 6 first are available in english

The Sandokan Series :
The Tigers of Mompracem
The Mystery of the Black Jungle
The Pirates of Malaysia
The Two Tigers
The King of the Sea
Quest for a Throne
The Reckoning (forthcoming)

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