The Irish Brigade: A Fallen Empire Novel

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The Irish Brigade: A Fallen Empire Novel

What’s a soldier to do when the war is over? When he’s only known conflict his whole life? Since time immemorial the solution has been to find another war, this time for pay. Whoever has the credits and wins the high bid gets the experienced fighter. Sometimes, though, the money isn’t enough to cover the price. In the tradition of Hammer’s Slammers and Falkenberg’s Legion, a new universe of mercenaries and warfare takes place in the ruins of an alien empire.

The fighting is done for now and the alien Grausians who ruled over the Terran worlds have withdrawn from known space after a devastating civil war. In their wake the formerly subject races have fought themselves to a standstill and a negotiated armistice, leaving tens of thousands of veterans out of work and hundreds of planets in the lawless DMZ.

Captain Iona Keely ended the war as a veteran soldier with an Honorable Discharge from the Terran Union Marine Corps, a useless degree in 20th Century Old Earth Culture and no job. When her old boss, Colonel Meagher, catches up to her at a job fair he makes her an offer she can’t refuse and soon finds herself the Commander of Bravo Company, The Irish Brigade, Hibernia Arms LLC. Her first mission drops her on Holcomb IV, up to her neck in intrigue, sweat and blood. Along the way she picks up a new recruit, an alien Grausian who is trying to understand being nobility in an empire that doesn’t exist anymore.

An exciting new storyline and shared universe from two time Dragon finalist and author of the best selling “Irregular Scout Team One” series.

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