The Girl with the Fire in Her Hair: Legends of the Wandered Lands

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The Girl with the Fire in Her Hair: Legends of the Wandered Lands

The Wandered Lands
where danger coils hidden in beauty’s shadow…

In the desert city of Akhaemunsaar, Rhoye of Khetaine encounters a young woman of captivating charm. Soon deeply entwined in her intrigues, he begins to suspect she may be more than she appears. Who is the mysterious Fillide? And why does she so remind him of his love, lost long ago?

A brand new collection of six heroic tales of the legendary adventurers Rhoye of Khetaine and Astropho of Otalle, featuring:

The Girl with the Fire in Her Hair, a novella of dark romance, of loss and grief, and of strange, seductive magic.

The Spherae of Arkimeddon, where our heroes venture into the tomb of Prince Rhamaxerces to secure an enigmatic artifact. Horrors abound in a tale of high adventure.

The Giant’s Purse, where a seeming peaceful crossing of an ocean strait leads to a brutal clash of tempers and fists.

The Couplet in the Rhyme, a comedy that sees the poet Astropho striving to assist starcrossed lovers, much to Rhoye’s chagrin.

The Eagle and the Dove sees Rhoye become entangled in a duel to the death that will test him to the limits of his ability. Will Rhoye and Astropho’s friendship even survive?

The Thief of Eyes, a tale of chilling horror, with swordplay, spellcraft, daring action, and dark sorcery.

With these six stories across 252 pages, experience the latest high adventures of the Legends of the Wandered Lands.

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