The Dragon and the George: The Dragon Cycle

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The Dragon and the George: The Dragon Cycle

One minute he was a college teacher, the next he was a dragon!

Jim Eckert leads a peaceful, happy campus life. He’s a college basketball player and an expert in mediaeval history. But his life has been disrupted by the disappearance of his girlfriend Angie. While taking part in a laboratory experiment on astral projection she just vanished.

In an attempt to find out what’s happened he submits himself to the equipment. A very unwise move.

Next thing he knows he’s in the Middle Ages. Worse, he’s no longer human. He’s in the body of a dragon. Worse still, Angie has been nabbed by another dragon and taken to the Loathly Tower. Obviously, Jim has no option but to give chase . . .

This first volume in Gordon R. Dickson’s hilarious fantasy series is perfect for fans of Piers Anthony and Terry Pratchett.

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