The Dark Side of the Road (ISHMAEL JONES serie)

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The Dark Side of the Road
Published: 2022-09-06

ISHMAEL JONES IS ON THE CASE. Paranormal private detective Ishmael Jones is invited to his employer’s country house for Christmas just in time to become embroiled in a locked-room mystery with a supernatural twist. CALL HIM ISHMAEL . . . Ishmael Jones. He’s used to keeping a low profile, living under the radar and on the dark side of the road. He makes his living solving mysteries and uncovering dark secrets some would prefer to stay hidden. But when he’s invited by his employer—a man known only as “The Colonel”—to spend Christmas at the Colonel’s sprawling country house, Ishmael Jones decides to come in from the dark for some holiday cheer.

Jones arrives at the remote Belancourt Manor in the midst of a blizzard only to discover that the Colonel has gone missing. It soon becomes clear that the guests are harboring dark secrets—and that it will be up to Ishmael Jones to stop a savage killer. A locked-room, country house mystery with a supernatural twist as only Simon R. Green could write it. About Simon R. Green: “A macabre and thoroughly entertaining world.” —Jim Butcher on the Nightside series “A splendid riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma, conveyed with trademark wisecracking humor, and carried out with maximum bloodshed and mayhem.

In a word, irresistible.” —Kirkus, Starred Review of Simon R. Green’s Night Fall “[F]or those who want a fantasy-genre mash-up that doesn’t slow down.” —Booklist on From a Drood to a Kill “Simon R. Green is a great favorite of mine. It’s almost impossible to find a writer with a more fertile imagination than Simon. He’s a writer who seems endlessly inventive.” —Charlaine Harris

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