The Complete Interstellar Patrol (Annotated): A pulp space opera omnibus

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The Complete Interstellar Patrol (Annotated): A pulp space opera omnibus
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Edmond Hamilton is considered as one of the creator of space opera subgenre of science fiction with E.E. “Doc” Smith,

In 1928, Edmond Hamilton published Crashing Suns in Weird Tales magazine, at approximately the same time that E.E. Smith’s Skylark of Space was published in Amazing Stories, giving both men the distinction of creating the genre of space opera. Hamilton, however, was the first to create a series, writing further stories in his Interstellar Patrol Series in 1929 and 1930, then writing a final one in 1934.

Here in one volume is every Interstellar Patrol story Hamilton published, including the novel Outside the Universe. What the stories lack in characterization and scientific plausibility, they more than make up for in enthusiasm, spectacle, and sheer breakneck pacing.

  • This iktaPOP Media omnibus includes new introductions that give the stories genre and historical context.
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