The Burning Road

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The Burning Road

In the shadow of Sicily’s Mount Etna, a brutal rebellion is about to erupt . . .

The scorching new historical thriller from Sunday Times bestseller and Ancient Rome expert, Harry Sidebottom.

‘What Bernard Cornwell is to the Napoleonic Wars, Harry Sidebottom is to Roman legions: unassailable’ – THE TIMES

AD265 – Sicily, Ancient Rome: In the shadow of Mount Etna, slaves are rising up. As the rebel leader declares Sicily the new land of the free, men and women are slaughtered, and cities across the island are sacked and burned.

When a ship is wrecked off the island’s west coast, all but two survivors are cut down in the surf by the rebel slaves. Ballista, an experienced Roman soldier, has always found a way to survive against the odds – but his son Marcus is still just a boy.

With the burning road stretching out ahead of them, father and son must cross the war-ravaged island in a race against time to save the rest of his family, and somehow find a way to extinguish the brutal rebellion, before it all goes up in flames.

THE BURNING ROAD is the scorching new thriller from one of the world’s best historical novelists – for fans of Simon Scarrow, Conn Iggulden, Ben Kane and Bernard Cornwell.

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