The Averoigne Archives (The Averoigne Cycle) by Clark Ashton Smith

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The Averoigne Archives (The Averoigne Cycle) by Clark Ashton Smith

See also  : The Averoigne Legacy: Tribute Tales in the World of Clark Ashton Smith for modern authors takes on Averoigne


Collected into one volume are all of Weird Tales author Clark Ashton Smith’s short stories of Averoigne, the sinister, monster-haunted province of medieval France. Werewolves and satyrs stalk the dark forests, witches and necromancers lurk in the swamps, and gargoyles and giants terrorize the cathedral city of Vyônes in the heart of Averoigne. Even the holy Abbey of Périgon is defiled by cursed statues and demons from the stars. Come, explore the mysteries of Averoigne… if you dare.

Includes these stories by Clark Ashton Smith:

  • Mother of Toads
  • The Maker of Gargoyles
  • The Holiness of Azédarac
  • A Night in Malnéant
  • The Colossus of Ylourgne
  • The Enchantress of Sylaire
  • The Beast of Averoigne
  • The Mandrakes
  • A Rendezvous in Averoigne
  • The Disinterment of Venus
  • The Satyr
  • The End of the Story
  • Averoigne (poem)

…and a map of Averoigne by Tim Kirk!

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