The Altar of My Fate (The Rosteval Saga Book 1)

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The Altar of My Fate (The Rosteval Saga Book 1)
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“Game of Thrones meets Conan the Barbarian in this epic tale of adventure.” ~Reedsy Discovery

“An epic narrative describing an incredibly vast world and steeped in exceptional character development.” ~Literary Titan

A warrior questing for glory…

A slave-girl with a secret…

Can they claim the ancient altar?

Trained to the warrior’s path, Rosteval yearns for glory and craves adventure in unknown lands.

Leading the war-band he created, he sets off on a quest to brave a formidable desert and the swords and arrows of a growing number of enemy tribes.

He expected the mounting dangers… but he didn’t expect Ghaitta, the beautiful slave-girl with a secret… and the power and peril of an ancient altar, an artifact of the vanished Shaper race.

As his enemies multiply, Rosteval is forced to confront an immortal adversary and the looming specter of defeat. Can Rosteval and Ghaitta avert disaster, and claim the fateful power of the ancient Shaper altar?

Brimming with fierce tribes, deadly perils, ancient powers, and sexy slave-girls, The Altar of My Fate is the epic fantasy adventure you’ve been craving. Get it now.

Content warning: The Altar of My Fate contains mature themes of violence, sensuality, slavery, and concubinage. For mature, daring readers only.

◆Now an Amazon #1 Best-Seller — Action & Adventure Fantasy

◆Winner of the Firebird Book Award (Epic Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery)

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