Task Force Desperate (American Praetorians Book 1)

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Task Force Desperate (American Praetorians Book 1)

For more than a century……America has been the world’s superpowerIs that about to end?Jeff and his fellow Praetorian Security contractors are about to find out the hard way. T

hey know the world’s on the downslide. The global economy’s tanked. Piracy’s up. Which is why they’re riding shotgun on a freighter in the Gulf of Aden.Then they get the call.There aren’t many of them.

They’re far from home, far from support, and they don’t even know who exactly the enemy is.But they’ll go, because they’re fighters. It’s what they’re hard-wired to do.Will they find the hostages?Will they even survive that long?You’ll love this military thriller because it once it hits the ground running, it never lets up!Get your copy now.

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