Tales of the Greatcoats Vol. 1: Swashbuckling Fantasy Storie

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Swordplay, magic, intrigue and friendships stronger than iron: the first book in a new swashbuckling fantasy series by the bestselling author of The Greatcoats. Damelas Shademantaigne picked a poor night to flee a judicial duel. He has precious little hope Read more

Tales of the Greatcoats Vol. 1
Published: 2021-12
A disgraced magistrate on the run. A Daring Swashbuckler hunted by an unstoppable assassin. An explorer of the supernatural faced with a corpse that won't stop dancing. Here are eight tales of the Greatcoats, lengendary sword-fighting magistrates brought together by an idealistic young king and disbanded after his execution as a tyrant. Follow along through their swashbuckling adventures, their triumphs and defeats, their darkest hours and their moments of shining redemption as they struggle to…
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