Swords of Fire

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Swords of Fire

In the tradition of Lin Carter’s FLASHING SWORDS anthologies of the 1970s, G. W. Thomas has assembled four novellas of Heroic Fantasy, longer tales of swords and sorcery.

Featuring David A. Hardy’s “Temple of the Rakshasas”, set in ancient times, it follows Godarz the mercenary warrior into a dark temple filled with evil secrets. “Two Fools For the Price of One” by C. J. Burch continues his Addux and Kouer series. Two assassins are hired to kill a wizard but find themselves embroiled in much worse. “The Pieces in a Game” is part of Jack Mackenzie’s Sirtaigo and Poet series, following the ruthless swordsman and his more thoughtful companion into the machinations of an insane queen and her terrible master.

Lastly in “The Deathmaster’s Folly” by G. W. Thomas, the travels and tears of the necromancer Fauston and his servant Ramid as they journey to the uncouth Northern forests to help a power-hungry baron become a king. The illustrations and cover are by M. D. Jackson. Now at last in Kindle!

there is a second book here

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