Swords of Fire 2

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G. W. Thomas is back with four new novellas of Swords & Sorcery.

“Gladiator King” by David A. Hardy stars Cingetorix from the gladiator’s arena to the sacred groves of the King of Nemi. “Through Dungeons Deep” by Jack Mackenzie sees the return of Sirtago and Poet as they become champions and hunt a wizard. But all is not what it seems. Best of all, Poet tells the tale this time.”The Daughter of Lilith” continues Michael Ehart’s fantastic Ninshi series. In the days of Mesopotamia, Ninshi is haunted by deeds past and monsters present. “The Work We Have In Hand” is set in the same world as G. W. Thomas’ Dragontongue. Follow the wizard Emerrant and his unwilling servant, Aberdin Vol, as they try to figure out where all the wizards and witches in Stormcock have gone.

the first book is here

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