Sword of the Legion Series

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Sword of the Legion Series
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57 B.C., Gaul – Marching with Caesar’s legions against the defiant Belgic tribes, legionary Lucius Domitius narrowly survives an attempt on his life. He is shocked to discover that someone in the higher ranks wants him dead. Unable to trust even his oldest comrades,
Lucius must expose his assailant before the murderer tries again. But as Lucius begins to unravel the plot, he learns that he is just a pawn in a much grander scheme – a scheme to betray the proconsul, Gaius Julius Caesar, and the entire Roman army, to the savagery of the enemy.
All of their fates converge on the banks of a lazy river in the Belgic lands, where the stalwart legions are attacked by an army of spear-wielding, axe-swinging warriors twice their number in the epic Battle of the Sabis.
4 books :

Rome: Fury of the Legion- 57 B.C.

Rome: Defiance of the Legion – 54 B.C

Rome: Tempest of the Legion – 49-48 B.C.

Rome: Sword of the Legion – 48 B.C.


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