Samhain Sorceries (recent sword and sorcery stories)

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Now, at Samhain, ritual fires of ash and apple-wood, mixed with bull’s bones, burned on the heights and the shore to deter malign spirits, or demons out of Hell as the Christians said.

Just in time for Halloween, DMR Books presents ten haunting tales of swords and sorcery. On Samhain, the dead will rise, dark rituals will be performed, and gateways to the afterworld will open. One of the more notable tales in this anthology is “Night of the Burning Ghost” by Keith Taylor, which features Felimid mac Fal, hero of the classic Bard series. Samhain Sorceries also includes stories by Adrian Cole, Matthew Pungitore, Harry Piper, and more. Edited by D.M. Ritzlin.

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