Rogue Agent: A Science Fiction Tale of Assassins, Spies, and Betrayals

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Rogue Agent: A Science Fiction Tale of Assassins, Spies, and Betrayals
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When everyone else dies trying…they call her.

For four centuries, the Order of the King’s Cross has worked in the shadows to protect Promethean society. Known only to the King and his closest advisors, the agents of the Order carry out their monarch’s will throughout the Federated Planets and their neighboring star nations, cleaning up messes, investigating heinous crimes, and most often, eliminating threats.

Heather Kilgore is one of the deadliest agents the Order has ever trained. Young, focused, and coldly efficient, the King sends her in when all else has failed. But when a man she once called her love, a traitor to his star nation, turns up dead under mysterious circumstances, Kilgore may have finally met the mission she can’t complete.

Partnered with an old mentor turned rival and operating behind enemy lines, Heather Kilgore must discover who and what killed Commander Connor Monroe before everyone else around her turns up dead. What she’ll find is a shocking truth, a dastardly betrayal, and a trail of bodies leading to a secret that will threaten the very existence of her star nation.

Spy thriller meets science fiction action adventure and space opera in this exciting new complementary series in the universe of The Worst Ship in the Fleet and Dumb Luck and Dead Heroes. You won’t be able to put this book down as you work with Heather Kilgore to try to discover what killed the only man she’s ever loved, and what she’ll need to do to save her kingdom from ruin.

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