River of Thieves (Thieves’ Lyric Book 1)

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River of Thieves (Thieves' Lyric Book 1)

We were the worst kind of people. For the best reasons. After a robbery gone horribly wrong, cursed thief Cord broadens his horizons and plans to execute the heist of a lifetime. With fellow thief and knife connoisseur Nenn in tow, the two build their ragtag crew to target the heart of the kingdom – Midian, the seat of tyrant King Anaxos Mane.

As treachery, horrifying creatures of nightmare, and opposition bar their path at every turn, the gang must depend on skill – intellectual, martial, and magical – to deliver them an endless summer and keep them free from the clutches of evil despotism. If they don’t sh*t the bed first.

“This book is insanely good, insanely funny, and insane.” – Dyrk Ashton, Author of Paternus “I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard reading a story in my life… ever.” -Justine Bergman, Whispers & Wonder “If you’ve ever wondered what a Terry Pratchett novel would look like if he got drunk and dabbled in grimdark, well… here you go.” -Luke Tarzian, Author of Vultures “An entertaining and viciously funny heist story.” -Lukas P, Fantasy Book Critic “Hurry up with the sequel, Mr Snyder. I’m deducting a star for the ending, so it’s only 5/5.” -Bjørn Larssen, Author of Storytellers

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