Razored Land: Crimson Sacrifice

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Razored Land: Crimson Sacrifice

The day after The Flux hit, Jase Holland was still alive…and immune. The world was not as fortunate. The Flux was a genetic plague—possibly leaked from a biowarfare lab—and it played havoc with the DNA of everything living, mutating genes and creating strange new sentient beasts both beautiful and monstrous.

Rushing home to search for Jenn, his pregnant fiancé, Jase encountered what appeared to be demons intent on destroying the remnants of humanity. Calling them the Vile, he wondered if something other than humanity’s hubris and irresponsibility had triggered The Flux. Evil forces were on the march and Jenn was nowhere to be found.

Fleeing to Louisiana, Jase joined a group of other Immunes for safety and survival. But he never gave up his search for Jenn and their child. It’s been fifteen years since the plague struck, and it’s time to move on. There’s only one problem. The Vile have discovered their hidden sanctuary. And the stakes are life and death.

Although humans are no longer the only sentient species on earth, they may be the first to go extinct.

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