Ranks of Bronze (Ranks of Bronze Series Book 1)

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Soldiers from varying eras and vastly different backgrounds, including the IX Legion of Rome, are snatched away from Earth at the moment of their passing, and transported to the far side of the galaxy. Thinking they have been granted a Read more

Ranks of Bronze (Ranks of Bronze Series Book 1)
They were Roman soldiers—
and they were still alive because there
were no better killers in the galaxy.

The Galactics need fighters who could win battles without the aid of technology. That’s why, when Rome’s legions suffered disaster at Carrhae, secretive alien traders were waiting to buy them on the Persian slave market.

Now, virtually immortal, the Romans fight strange enemies on stranger worlds; and though they win every battle, the spoils of victory never include freedom. If the legionaries are ever to return to Earth, it must be through the beam weapons and force screens of their ruthless alien owners. But no matter the odds, two thousand years is a long time; the Romans are coming home.

At the publisher’s request, this title is sold without DRM (Digital Rights Management).

Vietnam veteran, former lawyer, former bus driver, and now bestselling author, David Drake tells a military story like no other. His readers recognize that he can take them where no one else can, with gut-wrenching description that puts them face-to-face with the enemy, and in the midst of the action right on the battlefield. He helped create the audience for mercenary military science fiction with his best-selling “Hammer’s Slammers” books. Drake graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Iowa, majoring in history (with honors) and Latin. His stint at Duke University Law School was interrupted for two years by the U.S. Army, where he served as an enlisted interrogator with the 11th Armored Cavalry in Vietnam and Cambodia. Drake has a wife, a son, and various pets.

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