Occupied Pulp

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The end of World War II brought with it a renewed chance for peace, hope, and prosperity to the strife-ridden nations across the globe, but for some people treachery, intrigue, and conflict was in their blood…whether they liked it or not.

You’re enlisted to join forces with six stalwart pulp writers as they march into occupied territory in post-war Germany, Italy, and Japan. The Axis Powers have been vanquished, though in some camps the news either falls on deaf ears, or is a signal to work even harder to bring about the downfall of freedom-loving people everywhere.

OCCUPIED PULP offers all the two-fisted, slam-bang action and adventure that are hallmarks of the pulp tradition. Along the way, you’ll encounter fascinating heroes and villains who wage a mighty struggle to either protect the fragile peace or set the wheels of conflict and destruction back in motion.

Stay vigilant! Some enemies have not yet laid down their arms!

Featuring stories by Will (DOC SAVAGE) Murray, William Patrick (FU MANCHU)Maynard, Patricia (HANNARIA) Gilliam, Bobby (SNOW) Nash, Justin (STORM’S FURY) Bell, and John C. (MIDNIGHT GUARDIAN) Bruening.

OCCUPIED PULP created by Jim Beard and John C. Bruening.

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