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Victorian Vampire Trilogy 1: A Morbid Initiation (Vampire the macarade novels)

This one is special but there's not that much good vampire book set in victorian age strangely It's set in VTM world of darkness universe but if i remember correctly you can read it without prior knowledge of the rpg Read more

A Coven of Vampires

A Coven of Vampires is a collection of 13 classic vampire tales: "What Dark God?" "Back Row" "The Strange Years" "The Kiss of the Lamia" "Recognition" "The Thief Immortal" "Necros" "The Thing From the Blasted Heath" "Uzzi, Haggopian" "The Picknickers" "Zack Read more


In present day San Diego, a drug war rages on both sides of the border. Reggie Downing, an undercover cop, has infiltrated the cartel and been marked for death.

Enter THE VAMPIRE, a nocturnal creature who saves the young cop’s life. He protects Reggie as they take down the cartel and discover the traitor who sold him out. As events hurtle down the rails to an explosive, blood-soaked climax, the Vampire reveals the true nature of their relationship.

NOCTURNAL is a story of honor and betrayal, sin and redemption, seething hatred, and a love that transcends Death itself.

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