Native Fear

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“It’s a beautiful, brutal, complex, terrifying read.”
Scream Magazine

“Debut author [C. F.] Page presents an intricate horror novel . . . an inventive take on a rural place filled with unspeakable malice.”
Kirkus Reviews

Native Fear is a blistering and evocative examination of man’s darkness. A harrowing read.”
—Steve Stred, Splatterpunk-nominated author of Sacrament and Mastodon.

“Page manages to weave together strong undercurrents of cosmic horror, cult situations, splashes of sci-fi, and even some slasher flavors. There are creatures, mysteries, and creepy characters aplenty. . . . original and engaging, with nuanced characters that aren’t caricatures (and, in fact, mock the stereotypes).”
—Kyle J. Durrant, author of Beyond Dimensional Veils

“One of the most intelligent, compelling, and well-written horror novels I’ve ever read, full stop. The sophisticated prose is fluid and colorful enough to make every scene, character, and ungodly image vividly cinematic, and there’s a richness to the world that gives the story itself both a crushing weight to smash about and a delicate hand to do it with. Native Fear blends subgenres of horror so brilliantly that the transition from gnarly folk horror to epic cosmicism feels as natural as the ‘monsters’ in this book are unnatural. Clever, perfectly crafted, and innately subversive, this novel is one you won’t be able to put down.”
—Jay Alexander, author of Starving Grounds and The Lunchling


“Page’s writing is much like Lovecraft’s oceans: glassy smooth in places, terrifyingly brutal in others, ever dark and full of mystery. Atercosm seduces with its eerie wonders and horrifies with its glimpses beyond the veil, where fathomless revelations linger just beyond our comprehension. Those who read this collection will encounter Page’s unique brand of literary madness.”
—Felix Blackwell, bestselling author of Stolen Tongues

“A tour de force of the weird and the uncanny, C.F. Page’s Orphans of the Atercosm is a must read for fans of Ligotti, Lovecraft, and all things weird horror.”
—Richard Beauchamp, author of Black Tongue & Other Anomalies

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