Metropolitan (Metropolitan dilogy)

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Metropolitan (Metropolitan dilogy)

NOMINATED FOR A NEBULA AWARD. Walter Jon Williams’ classic science fantasy Metropolitan is once again available for a new generation of readers.

Metropolitan is set on an unnamed world where, in the distant past, some agency or agencies enclosed the planet in a barrier known as the Shield. The Shield emits light and heat, incinerates all matter that rises above a certain altitude

Over the millennia the population of the world has grown and all available land surface has been covered with a single city, divided into areas called metropolises that are analogous to nations. The metropolises have governments that span the gamut from democracies to dictatorships; “Metropolitan” is used as a title for powerful individuals who rule entire metropolises.

Life on the planet would be impossible without the existence of plasm, an energy responsive to human will

Aiah has fought her way from poverty and discovered a limitless source of plasm, the mysterious substance that powers the world-city.

Her discovery soon involves her with Constantine, the charismatic, dangerous, seductive revolutionary who plans to overthrow, not simply the government, but the cosmic order . . .

“A spectacular blend of fantastic science, high politics, and low intrigue . . . Williams’s world and characters are richly imagined yet utterly real.” —Melissa Scott “Entertaining . . .

Williams understands that science fiction can breathe life into language . . . [His] writing is always lean, lively and engaging. —New York Times Book Review “Blends SF aspects with noir stylings to create a potent atmosphere or urban dystopia . . . Ever the expert storyteller, Williams provides more than enough suspense.” —Publishers Weekly

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