Merona Grant and the Lost Tomb of Golgotha

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After a job turns sour, a treasure-hunting mercenary is left out of dough and sporting a shiny black eye. In other words, just another day in the life of 1930s adventuress Merona Grant.When presented with an opportunity for adventure and, more importantly, cash, Merona takes up the offer to follow a coded map and hunt down Judas Iscariot’s infamous thirty pieces of silver.

The only caveat? Babysitting the expedition’s financier: an elderly, thrill-seeking aristocrat with a propensity for attracting trouble.A ragtag team is assembled, complete with a loyal dog, a stalwart pilot, a poised linguist, and a fusspot physician.

But when a hail of bullets threatens their quest before departure, it becomes blindingly clear that ancient puzzles and booby-traps will be the least of their worries, as cultists, curses, and undead hordes begin to rear their ugly heads.Why can’t quests for ancient treasure ever just be simple?

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