Mageblood: Mephisto’s Magic Online, Book 1

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A dazzling world of wonder and power. Gifts from the game gods for every person. The perfect magic for every user.

Seth, a popular streamer, can’t wait to see what this new world has in store. It’s sure to be a blast for a guy who always plays a caster, and his friends are going to be right in the thick of it with him! The game boasts algorithms designed to read biometrics and brain patterns to find the perfect magical fit for the user – magic so personalized that no two casters will ever be the same. In fact, the game company is so sure they will always be right that you can’t remake your character.

The unthinkable happened. The safeties and the guarantees failed, not just once but apparently only to them. The company has informed them that the system is infallible: There is nothing they will do. Players must use what they are given, so Seth and his team have no other choice – they need to grind it out and evolve their gifts in time to stream.

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