Lovecraft’s Iraq

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The year is 2005. Blood from the Second Battle of Fallujah still dries on the farmlands of the Zaidon. But for Stygian 2-3, a young team of Recon Marines, the war is anything but over.

Plaguing their battlespace is an ancient evil. Those who volunteered to ensure “Iraqi Freedom” must fight not only anti-Coalition forces, but powers older than the United States, democracy… the world itself.


“Military hell from a veteran who’s lived it, Rose’s Lovecraft’s Iraq is slick, cinematic, and surreal. An action adventure of the heroes who give their all, even when there is no winning.”

– Lee Murray, two-time Bram Stoker Award®-winner, and author of Into the Mist

“Rose effortlessly captures the nuance of an Iraq deployment while conjuring something far more sinister.”

– Leo Jenkins, author of Lest We Forget

“Brought me back to the gritty details of the very real and intense moment-to-moment experiences of combat, woven together with the altogether unreal.”

– Brock Hileman, former Recon Marine and David Rose’s team leader in Iraq

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