Legends of New Pulp Fiction

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THE HAIRY ONES SHALL DANCE (The Judge Pursuivant Trilogy Book 1)

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LEGENDS OF NEW PULP FICTION • Publisher – Airship 27 Productions • Editor – Ron FortierAssistant Editors – Todd Jones – Jaime RamosArt Director – Rob DavisCover Painter – Douglas Klauba • Collected within these two covers are sixty fantastic stories of action, adventure, mystery, horror, fantasy and suspense. It is a treasure chest of the best of the New Pulp Movement, the fastest growing style of fiction writing in world today. And all of it generated as a benefit project . Sixty writers and thirty six artists have pooled their talents to produce a volume like none other ever conceived before. If you are unfamiliar with New Pulp, then look no further than this one book. Then buckle up and enjoy the ride.

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