Legacy Earth A military science fiction series

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Legacy Earth A military science fiction series

“This is ‘Starship Troopers’ on steroids.”

In a time of expansion, humanity has pushed the boundaries of our own solar system. One of the only ways to see it all is to be part of the United Systems Services. Most join for adventure, some due to court orders but a handful do it for duty. What does Lance Warder and his elite squat of Ravens get for their service?

– A snarky giant who suffers from motion sickness and his ornery best friend, the deadliest pilot in the system.
– Genetic engineering, pioneered by quite a looker.
– An alien invasion that threatens to send mankind into extinction.
– Rogue A.I. unleashed by ancient humanity that’s evolved beyond anything thought possible.
– Black hole-powered time travel.

Out of their depths, Lance and the crew of the Gladius must ally themselves with sworn enemies, represent humanity and struggle between what is easy, and what is right.

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