Kyrik: Warlock Warrior (Kyrik Sword & Sorcery) by Gardner Francis Fox

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Kyrik: Warlock Warrior (Kyrik Sword & Sorcery) by Gardner Francis Fox

Fox is known as the co-creator of DC Comics heroes Barbara Gordon, the original Flash, Hawkman, Doctor Fate, Zatanna and the original Sandman, and was the writer who first teamed several of those and other heroes as the Justice Society of America, and later recreated the team as the Justice League of America

Aside from that he also wrote 2 Sword & Sorcery series of novels : Kothar the Barbarian and later Kyrik: Warlock Warrior

4 books not linked on amazon :

Kyrik: Warlock Warrior

Kyrik Fights the Demon World

Kyrik and the Wizard’s Sword

Kyrik and the Lost Queen

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