Karnov: Phantom-Clad Rider of the Cosmic Ice

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Karnov: Phantom-Clad Rider of the Cosmic Ice

“By the powers of blood and divine sorcery, you have been transformed into a voyager of the Cosmic Ice. When you slay an undead being, the tainted soul of the creature will be absorbed into your magic armor and you will be granted the ability to open gateways to various places on this earthly plane and beyond.”

Journeying homeward, the warrior Karnov is anxious to reunite with his wife and son. Upon his return, he is shocked to discover his homeland ravaged by vampires. His worst fears are confirmed—his family has been brutally murdered and vampirized!

Traumatized and tormented, Karnov vows to destroy the undead lord responsible for unleashing such vile hordes upon his lands. Aided by a sultry witch, he gains the ability to master the dimensional gateway known as the Cosmic Ice. But will Karnov’s new powers and burning lust for retribution be enough to avenge his loved ones, or will undead wraiths corrupt the earth forever?

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