Immaculate Scoundrels (The SCALEBORN Series)

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Immaculate Scoundrels (The SCALEBORN Series)

Yhorom: A shining empire more than 5,000 years old, built on the might of its swords and its sorcery.

Yhorom: Home to the venerable City of Masters, where sorcerers can live up to a thousand years.

Yhorom: A seething battleground where elite factions plot to steal the kingdom’s future, while others search only for their next big score.

Thold breaks out of prison to pursue a mystical vision. But is he really a favored son of the Moon Goddess? Or simply a faithless ex-monk turned bandit and completely out of his mind?

Yuhai searches the Outer Provinces for scaleborn wizards and witches. Is she out to destroy them all, or does this magical harvesting serve some greater purpose?

Together they assemble a crew of outlaws brave or foolish enough to cross the haunted desert, searching for a treasure lost to the ages. Is this a righteous quest blessed by divine forces, or a clever trap set by the ruthless Masters of Yhorom? Either way, their expedition will unearth the forgotten horrors of history and unleash a power beyond mortal comprehension.

IMMACULATE SCOUNDRELS is the first volume of the SCALEBORN Series.
Flying Wizard Press

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