Heir of Darkness

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Romans have crossed the border into Germania and stolen Andvaranaut, the Ring of the Gods. Depending upon who possesses it and how it is used, it could let Rome conquer the world—or destroy the world altogether.

Osric, the son of a benign Germanic sorcerer, has entered Roman territory on a quest to reclaim the Ring and its destructive magic power.

But, unknown to Osric, the sorceress Frigerd has also come to Rome to steal the Ring for the evil Cult of Heid, who wants to use it to bring about Götterdämmerung and end the world—and Frigerd is willing to kill anyone who stands in her way.

Even worse, the Ring is held by none other than the Roman Emperor Tiberius, who wants to learn its secrets and exploit its power. To regain the Ring, Osric must penetrate the most heavily-guarded Imperial Palace in the world—and do it before Frigerd does.

In a search and chase that leads from the prisons and palaces of Imperial Rome to the desolate and dangerous Isle of Capri, the battle for Andvaranaut unfolds and then explodes. Who will live to see the day after… and will that day be worth living for?

If you enjoy historical fantasy, sword and sorcery, or adventure stories, then read Heir of Darkness today

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